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Participation in "Patent+" tender

In September 2022, the company has been admitted to the “Patent plus” tender issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and presented a plan to enhance its patent worth 220,000 euros.

The plan included the main activities foreseen for the patent development phase: design, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and certification. The participation application is currently under review and its complete acceptance would grant the company a non-repayable loan of 140,000 euros.

Respira's company creation

Respira is a firm situated in Parma (Italy) that was created on September 16, 2022

The company has a patent for an industrial invention involving a “medical inhaler activated through breath,” and the Parma Chamber of Commerce has acknowledged it as an innovative startup.

In vitro study at Parma University

In collaboration with the University of Parma, the company conducted an in vitro study: Professor Ruggero Bettini, Director of the Interdepartmental Center for the Innovation of Health Products, conducted a deposition study by measuring the actual capacity of the current prototype to positively influence the administration of a spray drug.

The study was conducted using a cascade impactor that simulates the structure of the human lung, and it confirmed that device-assisted drug delivery resulted in a reduction in the diameter of the drug’s particles, a significant increase in the respirable fraction, and a higher drug deposition at the distal level. As a result, the device has demonstrated the capacity to optimize drug administration by generating a measurable positive effect on deposition in the distal parts of the lung-simulating impactor: these are encouraging results that will be investigated further in the coming months.